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A.BAGZIP1820   #4014 Resealable Cassette Cover, 18x20" 4 mil., 500/case. Fits up to a 14x17" Cassette.
A.BAGZIP2424   #4014-24 Resealable Cassette Cover, 24x24", 4 mil., 250/case. To fit DR Panels.
A.BAGZIP1619   #4015 Resealable Cassette Cover, 16x19" 4 mil., 500/case. Fits up to a 14x17" Cassette.
A.BAGZIP12152   #4025 Resealable Cassette Cover, 12x15", 2 mil., 1000/case. Fits up to a 10x12" cassette.
A.BAGFLAT24244   #4035 Flat/Open Cassette Cover, 24x24", 4 mil, 250/pkg. To fit DR Panels.
A.BAGFLAT24242   #4036 Flat/Open Cassette Cover, 24x24", 2 mil, 500/case. To fit DR Panels.
XJ-5020/21298   10 1/2 x 12 1/2 Negative Preserver
CRF.CC1012   10 x 12 Fuji CR Type CC Cassette
CRA.1012   10 x 12 inch Agfa CR Cassette
CRK.5907310   10 x 12 Konica CR Cassette
TA-BBHS-PL10   1000 - lb Scale
TA-BBHS-WCS   1000 - lb Wheel Chair Scale
UPT512BL   10x12 Blue Thermal (CASE)
JPI-RareEarth100   10x12 JPI Rare-Earth Green Cassette
UPT-M712BL   10x12 Mammography Film (CASE)
F10715   11 1/2 x 14 1/2 Negative Preserver
CRK.5907311   11 x 14 Konica CR Cassette
XM-1100/88947   11x13 X-Ray Film Mailers
UPT514BL   11x14 Blue Thermal (CASE)
JPI-RareEarth100-11x14   11x14 JPI Rare-Earth Green Cassette
CRF.CC1417   14 x 17 Fuji CR Type CC Cassette
CRK.5907314   14 x 17 Konica CR Cassette
CRF.CC1414   14x14 Fuji CR Type CC Cassette
1901909   14x17 (Carestream MXG Green Branded Film
UPT517BL   14x17 Blue Thermal (CASE)
PPH-1436   14x36 Straight White Box film
PPH-1436TFF   14x36 Tri-Fold White Box FIlm
CRC.8909889   15 x 30 cm Carestream DirectView CR Cassette
CRK.5907306   15 x 30 cm Konica CR Cassette
XM-1530/54984   15x18 X-Ray Film Mailers
CRF.CC1530   15x30 Fuji CR Type CC Cassette
CRA.1824   18 x 24 Agfa CR Cassette
CRC.1585215   18 x 24 Carestream DirectView CR Cassette
CRK.5907318   18 x 24 cm Konica CR Cassette
CRF.CC1824   18x24 Fuji CR Type CC Cassette
CRA.2430   24 x 30 cm Agfa CR Cassette
CRK.5907324   24 x 30 cm Konica CR Cassette
CRC.8864811   24x30 cm Carestream DirectView CR Cassette
CRF.CC2430   24x30 Fuji CR Type CC Cassette
CRC.8645442   35 x 35 cm Carestream DirectView CR Cassette
CRA.3543   35 x 43 cm Agfa CR Cassette
CRC.8413510   35 x 43 cm Carestream DirectView CR Cassette
CRC.8754145   35 x 84 cm Long length Carestream DirectView CR Cassette
TA-BBLE-HH450   450 - lb Hydraulic Lift
TA-BBLS-EH450   450 - lb Hydraulic Lift
TA-BBLS-HH450   450 - lb Hydraulic Lift
A.SS480DR   480 DR Mobile Tilting Cassette Holder
011EYEWEAR   53 Wrap / With Side Shields Complete
TA-BBLM-EE600   600 - lb Hydraulic Lift
TA-BBLM-EH600   600 - lb Hydraulic Lift
TA-BBHS-UPR   600 - lb Up Right Scale
TA-BBHS-PL07   700 - lb Scale
CRF.CC810   8 x 10 Fuji CR Type CC Cassette
CRA.810   8 x 10 inch Agfa CR Cassette
CRK.5907308   8 x 10 Konica CR Cassette
UPT510BL   8x10 Blue Thermal (CASE)
UPT-M710BL   8x10 Mammography Film (CASE)
CurixID   Agfa Curix ID Camera
PO-016 Agfa Drystar 3000   Agfa Drystar 3000
EDB3P   AGFA Mamoray Cassette 24 x 30 cm
UA1012   Agfa/IBF 1/2 Speed Blue WB 10x12
UA1417   Agfa/IBF 1/2 Speed Blue WB 14x17
UA2430   Agfa/IBF 1/2 Speed Blue WB 24x30
UA0810   Agfa/IBF 1/2 Speed Blue WB 8x10
TA-ARP-02   Apron 2 Peg Board
TA-ARP-06   Apron 6 Peg Board
TA-ARP-08   Apron 8 Peg Board
TA-AGR-110   Apron/Glove Rack
013EYEWEAR   Astro / No Side Shields
021EYEWEAR   Astro / With Side Shields
A.DRAtlaimWD   Atlaim DR Panel Protectors
A.DRAtlaim   Atlaim Gridded DR Panel Protectors
CRC 006501   Bankers Box - X-Ray Box - Loose Used 1 time but great condition
007EYEWEAR   Barrier Lites / No Side Shields
022EYEWEAR   Barrier Lites / With Side Shields
FP470203   Bearing Kodak Part 470203
Biodex001   Biodex Ultrasound Table - Manual
001EYEWEAR   Bubba
CarestreamChroma   Carestream Chroma
K1513381   Carestream Mammography Min-R 2000 18x24 CM (CASE)
190-1909   Carestream MXG Green Branded Film 14x17
CarestreamVitaLE   Carestream Vita LE
CarestreamVitaLS   Carestream Vita LS CR System
B61827   Cassette/Film Cart
54937   Category Inserts - Chest (Brown)
CI-7225   Category Inserts - CT
99627   Category Inserts - MRI
CI-7275   Category Inserts - MRI
002EYEWEAR   Charger
2934H   CID - 10 x 12 inch CR Cassette Protector
58150   Clean Image
PO - 2934H   CR Cassette Protector
009EYEWEAR   Cruisers / No Side Shields
0018EYEWEAR   Cruisers / With Side Shields
Custom_DR_Retrofit   Custom fabricated, durable DR retrofit solutions for MinXray, DynaRad and Source Ray portable X-ray machines.
Vet70Mobile   DentalAire Corix 70 Mobile
Vet70Wall   DentalAire Corix 70 Wall Mounted
DRWizard   DR Wizard 14x17 Wireless Flat Panel
A.DRW1   DRW Grid Pro™ Panel Protectors
A.DRW2   DRW Grid Pro™ Panel Protectors
FP472761   Dryer Thermostat M6 Series Kodak Part 472761
165-8718   Elgin 3-Section Electric Hi-Lo Treatment Table
165-8717   Elgin 6-Section Electric Hi-Lo Treatment Table 165
165-8720   Elgin 7-Section Electric Hi-Lo Treatment Table w/ Postural Drainage + McKenzie Protocol Pivoting
006-609101   Elgin Black High-Density Foam Roller - 12"x6" Round
006-609104   Elgin Black High-Density Foam Roller - 36"x3" 1/2 Round
006-609103   Elgin Black High-Density Foam Roller - 36"x6" Round
077-150   Elgin Commercial Recumbent Bike
077-30011   Elgin Commercial Ube W/Adj. Cranks
077-200   Elgin Commercial Upright Bike
077-501   Elgin Cross Stepper
011-WC010   Elgin Cuff Weight 1 lb
011-WC015   Elgin Cuff Weight 1-1/2 lb
011-WC005   Elgin Cuff Weight 1/2 lb
011-WC0025   Elgin Cuff Weight 1/4 lb
011-WC100   Elgin Cuff Weight 10 lb
011-WC120   Elgin Cuff Weight 12 lb
011-WC150   Elgin Cuff Weight 15 lb
011-WC020   Elgin Cuff Weight 2 lb
011-WC025   Elgin Cuff Weight 2-1/2 lb
011-WC200   Elgin Cuff Weight 20 lb
011-WC250   Elgin Cuff Weight 25 lb
011-WC030   Elgin Cuff Weight 3 lb
011-WC0075   Elgin Cuff Weight 3/4 lb
011-WC040   Elgin Cuff Weight 4 lb
011-WC050   Elgin Cuff Weight 5 lb
011-WC060   Elgin Cuff Weight 6 lb
011-WC075   Elgin Cuff Weight 7 1/2 lb
011-WC070   Elgin Cuff Weight 7 lb
011-WC080   Elgin Cuff Weight 8 lb
011-WC090   Elgin Cuff Weight 9 lb
011-WCS9   Elgin Cuff Weight 9 Piece Cuff Weight Set
002-LE125B   Elgin Leg/Ankle Exerciser No Accessories
002-LE125BK   Elgin Leg/Ankle Exerciser With Accessories
170-128   Elgin Pain Relief Gel 128 OZ. Pump Bottle
170-16   Elgin Pain Relief Gel 16 OZ. Pump Bottle
170-41   Elgin Pain Relief Gel 3 OZ. Roll-On
170-32   Elgin Pain Relief Gel 32 OZ. Pump Bottle
170-4   Elgin Pain Relief Gel 4 OZ. Tube
015-2014   Elgin Premium Vinyl Bolster/Roll - 10"D x 36"L
015-2015   Elgin Premium Vinyl Bolster/Roll - 12"D x 36"L
015-20116   Elgin Premium Vinyl Bolster/Roll - 14"D x 48"L
015-2010   Elgin Premium Vinyl Bolster/Roll - 4"D x 18"L
015-2011   Elgin Premium Vinyl Bolster/Roll - 6"D x 24"L
015-2013   Elgin Premium Vinyl Bolster/Roll - 6"D x 36"L
015-2012   Elgin Premium Vinyl Bolster/Roll - 8"D x 15"L
015-2000   Elgin Premium Vinyl Wedge - 22"Lx20"Wx4"H
015-2001   Elgin Premium Vinyl Wedge - 22"Lx20"Wx6"H
015-2002   Elgin Premium Vinyl Wedge - 22"Lx20"Wx8"H
015-2005   Elgin Premium Vinyl Wedge - 28"Lx24"Wx10"H
015-2006   Elgin Premium Vinyl Wedge - 28"Lx24"Wx12"H
015-2003   Elgin Premium Vinyl Wedge - 28"Lx24"Wx6"H
015-2004   Elgin Premium Vinyl Wedge - 28"Lx24"Wx8"H
014EYEWEAR   Euro / No Side Shields
019EYEWEAR   Euro / With Side Shields
Dent-X EVA Complete System   EVA Digital X-Ray Complete System
Eva   Eva Digital Dental
86650   Extremities Category Insert Jacket
TA-GCS-35   Facial Sheets
FCS   FCS Collimator Bulb
ID-Stamper   Film Stamper
012EYEWEAR   Fitover
A.BAGFLAT1824   Flat-Fold Over Cassette Cover
FPPT5047   Fuji DI-AT Dry-Imaging Film 14x17 Case
FPPT5080   Fuji DI-AT Dry-Imaging Film 8x10
FPPS5002   Fuji DI-HL Dry-Imaging Film 10x12
FPPS5004   Fuji DI-HL Dry-Imaging Film 10x14 (26x36cm)
FPPS5047   Fuji DI-HL Dry-Imaging Film 14x17
FPPS5080   Fuji DI-HL Dry-Imaging Film 8x10
FPHT5004 (26x36cm)   Fuji DI-HT Dry-Imaging Film 10x14
FPHT5047   Fuji DI-HT Dry-Imaging Film 14x17
Fuji_Optima   Fuji Optima CR
HRU5047   FUJI Super HR-U Medium Speed Green 35x43 cm BOX (14x17)
HRU5002   FUJI Super HR-U Medium Speed Green BOX (10x12)
HRU5014Case   FUJI Super HR-U Medium Speed Green BOX (11x14)
HRU5040Case   FUJI Super HR-U Medium Speed Green BOX 24x30 cm
HRU2546   FUJI Super HR-U Full Speed Green BOX (14x36)
HRU2546S   FUJI Super HR-U Full Speed Green BOX (14x36)
HRU5080   FUJI Super HR-U Medium Speed Green BOX (8x10)
HRU5014   FUJI Super HR-U Medium Speed Green BOX 30x35 cm (11x14)
HRU5077   FUJI Super HR-U OR T Medium Speed Green BOX 18x43 cm (7x17)
HRU5040   FUJI Super HRU Medium Speed Green BOX (24x30)
PPB5047   FUJI Super RX-N Full Speed Blue 35x43cm (14x17)

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